I currently hold the position of Associate Professor of Statistics in the Department of Statistical Science at Baylor University.  Before coming to Baylor in 2011 I earned my doctorate from the Department of Statistics at Rice University in Houston, Texas.  For my undergraduate degree I attended the University of Richmond and received my degree in mathematics working primarily with Bill Ross

During my undergraduate summers, Javier Rojo slowly turned me into a statistician through his fantastic REU program RUSIS, where I conducted research in imputation schemes for missing microarray data and tests for stochastic dominance for financial applications.  While at Rice for my graduate studies I worked with Dr. Rojo as part of RUSIS teaching statistical computing and graphics during the summers, and he later became my doctoral thesis advisor.  A program very near and dear to me, I spent five years with RUSIS as a student or teacher and was the program's second Ph.D.

My research interests are wide ranging but generally revolve around statistical computing and graphics.  My research right now focuses around algebraic statistics, Bayesian biopharmaceutical statistics, and statistics education, including the BaylorISMs project.  When I have time, I maintain R's ggmap package, co-authored with the inimitable Hadley Wickham.  Theoretical research I have done recently involves Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for exact inference in discrete exponential family models, Bayesian hypothesis testing, and double sampling procedures for count data.  

Outside of Marrs McLean, my wife and I enjoy Latin dance, watching cooking shows, and playing with our toddler daughter and mini-goldendoodle Figaro. I am also a member of The Salvation Army and dedicate as much of my time as possible to its mission and causes. If you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact me directly or click the link above to find a Salvation Army corps nearest you.